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Two more banner experiments: Riley Finn and Nancy Stark.

Large versions and notes under the cut.   Feedback would be awesome!  :)

Banner #11:
Riley Finn

For Riley, I tried to go for very intense tones and elements.  Some of his most important scenes in the TV series involved helicopters (and that certainly holds true in the fic, as well) so I searched for a good chopper that I could silhouette against a sunset.   I think the Blucas manip is mostly convincing, although I could work on the uniform lighting more, as well as on the contrast of the dragon. 

Banner #12:
Nancy Stark

I hesitated on including any O.C.'s in this series, but since [livejournal.com profile] aerintine suggested Deborah Ann Woll as a casting choice, I decided to google around for some photos of her.  There were tons to choose from, but I thought there was something very mysterious and interesting about this one, with its overexposure and forced perspective.  And after watching a few clips of her on "True Blood," Woll does actually remind me a bit of the way I picture the character in my head, so I decided to give it a try.

The manip involved selectively altering color levels in portions of the picture.  After some experiments on turning the toga/dress thing black, I decided to leave the color as is (actually even saturate it a bit more) because I liked the sudden contrast of color.  The background with the torn away piece of the world is more or less a direct story element.  Not a hundred percent happy with my font choices here, and if I take another stab at this I might try scanning in my own handwriting instead.

All banners to date:

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