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2011-03-25 02:01 pm

Banner #14 - Mystery Character!

Hi gang!   Thanks for all your wonderful feedback on my weird graphics project so far.

Hopefully, anyone on my f-list who has read my big, dumb fic will know who this little fellow is supposed to be:

Big version and notes under the cut )
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2011-03-24 01:01 am

Banner #13: Faith

Remember to buy your war bonds, everybody!


Large version and notes under the cut.

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2011-03-20 05:36 pm

Banners #11&12 - Riley and Nancy

Two more banner experiments: Riley Finn and Nancy Stark.

Large versions and notes under the cut.   Feedback would be awesome!  :)

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2011-03-15 12:27 pm

Banner #10 - Drusilla

Okay, so I keep going!  Why???  Dunno, pet.  Had to see about a girl, I suppose.

In that spirit, here is my clocks-i-fied Drusilla:

Large version and notes under the cut.

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2011-03-09 01:45 pm

Banner #9 - Kennedy

I know I said I was done with these banners, but I've become strangely obsessed with them and couldn't resist taking a stab at one or two more.  Below the cut, Miriam Kennedy Corliss wants to show you something.

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2011-03-07 05:50 pm

Banners #8 - Buffy Summers

Here's my first attempt at a Buffy-centric banner for "Clocks of the Long Now."

A few notes under the cut.

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2011-03-05 07:45 pm

Banners - Spike revision

So, I re-did Spike's banner.  I wasn't happy with my first attempt.  Too placid, not enough conflict.  Here is an alternate version:

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2011-03-03 11:37 am

Banners, Set #4

Hi again!

So, I am continuing on my quest to... well I don't know what, exactly.  Something about banners and my dumb story.  Anyway, I'm trying to finish out the core four, for a total of 8 banners.  I still haven't done much physical work on Buffy's (which, I guess fittingly, will be the last one), but I have a couple of ideas rolling around in my head for it.  I also realized that I'm not at all content with how the Spike banner turned out, and I think Willow's needs some work.  So at some point I'm going to try a completely different direction for Spike, and conduct some major heart surgery on Willow.

In the meantime, I worked up something for Xander Harris.

Okay.  It's a pretty strange concept, but hear me out...

Large banners and explanations/apologies under the cut... )
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2011-03-01 01:46 pm

Banners, Set #3 (Willow and Giles)

I worked on two more banners, this time for Willow and Giles.  I'm not sure how many more of these I want to do, but I think I'll at least try to finish off the "core four" with banners for Xander and Buffy.


Large versions and notes are under the cut.

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2011-02-27 07:02 pm

More banner experiments

I attempted two more banners for my "Clocks of the Long Now" series.   I'm not sure if I'll actually do anything with these, but I'm having fun nonetheless (to see the first set, click here).


Below the cut are the full size banners for Spike and Andrew Wells.
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Feedback would be great, thanks!

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2011-02-26 07:18 pm

My first banner attempts

I've been trying my hand at banner work in my spare time.  My idea was to make a few 1000x460 banners for my fic, Clocks of the Long Now , with each banner having a different character focus and corresponding treatment.  Large versions of my first two attempts are under the cut.


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I'm new to this, so both positive and negative criticism are very much welcome.  Thanks!